Faces of Granizal

On December 1, 2016, a photo exhibit and discussion panel entitled Caras de Granizal (Faces of Granizal) opened at the Museum of Modern Art (MAMM) in Medellin, Colombia.  The objective was to expose viewers to the conditions, challenges and goals of Colombia's second largest displaced community of 20,000+ internal refugees, Granizal.   Just days after the Colombian Government signed a peace treaty with armed rebels, and politically ended a decades-long violent conflict, this exhibit and discussion could not have been more timely for the people directly impacted by brutal violence and forced displacement.  

The project was made possible by a collaboration of the Open Hands Initiative, a US-based foundation that fosters public diplomacy through comprehensive programs, the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, and the University of Antioquiah in Medellin, whose doctors and students have been serving the healthcare needs of Granizal residents for nearly 20 years.  

With these photos, I am humbled to give voice to those who might not otherwise be heard, and whose continued struggles at the cost of violence and corruption must end.

A special thanks to the OHI team for pursuing this important initiative, J. Sybylla Smith for helping curate this collection of photos and her tireless inspiration, the doctors and students at UdA who work in the field in Colombia, and the beautiful people of Granizal who are shining examples of hope and resilience.  

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